Pan Salvage and the ship, the Bela
are the perfect partner for your salvage work

Lost your chain or anchor?

We can help! We bring it all back too you. Anchors, fishingnet's and a lot of other things till the weight of 30 Tons.

You want to salvage goods?

You want to get an obstacle or another object somewhere away lost at sea? Also, this is possible.

You need to do some survey?

Because the use of an extensive grabber with cameras and lights we have a great visibility underwater. This is combined with a built-in blower and make it possible to do various underwater surveys and sightseeing.

About Pan Salvage

You are looking for a company that doesn't walk away from challenges?

What we do?

Pan Salvage is a flexible organization represented by the salvage ship "Bela". Due to the size and method of work of Pan Salvage, we can offer compentitive rates far below the rates of larger organizations. The Bela is equipped with a hydraulic grab with underwater cameras and LED lights. This allows it to function as semi ROV. The grab itself weighs 3000 kg and is therefore very stable underwater. Of course, the grab is due to its heavy weight not suitable for delicate archaeological work, but thanks to the powerful blower in the grab we can greatly be of significance in uncovering a wreck. The images which are taken with the camera can be recorded and be used for research and reference work.

Why do people choose us?

  • Price

    Pan Salvage can always offer you a competitive price.

  • Quality

    No challenge is too big. We go for quality and will always do our best to recover your materials from the bottom of the sea. above.

  • Speed

    Often we are able to take action short notice.

Our equipment

Pan Salvage is in possession of the following equipment..

Do you really want to know everything about our ship the mv Bela? Click here

  • MV Bela

    A powerful ship with a Caterpillar 3608 DITA, 1500 kW engine. Maximum speed 14kn, economy 10kn.

  • In the winch room

    6 drums winch make maaskant. Head drum SB for anchor. Head drum port for grab. Wire pull 10T.

  • Under the ship

    We make use a multi-beam sonar make wassp which gives us very good 3D color images of the seabed.

  • The grabber

    Can lift 30T. Is equipped with cameras, LED lights and a powerful blower which can blow the sand away.

  • On the bridge

    We have several monitors that display the images beneath the grabber. These images can also be recorded if desired.

  • Questions...

    Want to know more or isn't the answer here? Please feel free to contact us!

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